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i need some.   
08:49pm 26/01/2008
  where is bjorn porn? did i miss free advice day again?  

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03:18pm 29/09/2007
  i dont even know how to work this....  

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04:01am 05/01/2005
  and we drank with leo fitzpatrick tonight. "leo!"  

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some puke smells good like dinner   
03:58am 05/01/2005
  madeline puked all over the subway in honor of her new promotion. congratulations madeline! i'm proud of you. you're the most excitement i've seen on a new york subway.  

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i woke up on a roof this morning. my shirt was hot from the sun.   
11:10am 19/09/2002
  whats making me happy today:

1. coming up on my next beer
2. free prescription refills
3. "factotum"

and what makes me unhappy:

1. douglas county correctional facility
2. the use of only one hand
3. white trash

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"i'll suck the blood out of a heroin needle"   
02:29pm 18/09/2002
  thats what i stared at for three days in jail. then they moved me and i got to stare at "pray for your salvation" for fucking ever. everyones a goddamn poet.

but i think that both were right. and now that the foolish people of douglas county have set me loose on the streets again, i'm going to combine both of those philosophies and pray for salvation while shooting heroin out of a needle.

i keep catching myself laughing out loud at nothing. i guess i'm fucking retarded. but at least i'm happy about it.

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theres more interesting things to tell here, but   
10:26am 13/09/2002
  i gotta broken arm... (i dont know how to type in a whiny voice)

but at least i got that map of s.f. still.

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but first-   
03:09pm 07/09/2002

i heart doug!

stop making it so easy.

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bel·lig·er·en·cy 1. The state of being at war or being engaged in a warlike conflict.   
02:39pm 07/09/2002
mood: "just nuerotic"
so heres my morning-

i woke up next to someone who's never heard of charles fucking bukowski! odd.

when i jumped the turnstiles onto the train someone gave me some ratty old bible and told me they loved me. odd.

i had to wait fifteen minutes for the train and during that time i decided i was so fucking hungry i was going to die right there. half a minute later a guy walked up and asked me if i wanted the rest of his muffins. odd.

when i was jumping the turnstiles to leave the station, the guy working there told me "it'd just be easier if you walked through the emergency exit." odd.

walking home down college, some woman stopped me and told me that she was a spiritualist and that she had to talk to me because my "vibrations" were amazing. i told her i was broke so she gave me a card and kissed me on my forehead. fucking odd!

this is abnormal shit...
i need some sleep. good night.

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thats goddamn right!   
02:36pm 07/09/2002


What fashionable underground band/style are you?

this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

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our love is god. lets go get a slushie   
07:43pm 05/09/2002
  i'm being indecisive. do i stay in and watch home alone again? or do i go to treat street, drink 40s outside and make another stupid scene? (a different scene, by the way. in case yr reading this. i promise it wont involve you.) i'm gonna make a list:

treat st-

1. pro skaters to kiss by the pool table.
2. buck fifty cobras at the liquor store.
3. a train ride under the bay.


1. livejournal


later suckers.

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san frantastic   
01:04pm 05/09/2002
  i cant sleep. i cant eat. i cant do anything better than run around the city and profess my love to people. it's just sick. i used to be such a good little misanthrope. eight days in fucking "hippy town" and i turn into a complete raving mess. i'm even trying to stay on line so that i wont feel compelled to call everyone i know and tell them how much i'm in love with them. and i'm not leaving oakland tonight (thats a complete lie. i'm leaving in like two minutes.), because everyones full of hate here.

i'm so leaving california. right now. i love you.


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i'm just going to start reposting old stuff. besides- everyone likes michael nesmith, right?   
06:55pm 05/09/2002
  I've logged onto Rosalee's journal to inform those of you who haven't already heard, of her untimely passing. I intend to shed some light on the circumstances that led to this tragedy. Hopefully dispelling any rumors of drug overdose/suicide/solicitation of sexual favors that might surface due to the nature of the events.

Rosalee has been known to take a liking to a wayward stranger now and then. So when she came across a young man resting angelically at the bottom of her stairwell

(although, clearly he was three sheets to the wind), she was most certainly overcome with sympathy.
After taking him in to redintegrate his lamentable soul with her delightful charm and cherubic smile, the uncanny resemblance to Michael Nesmith (the fourth and most alluring monkee)

must have become undeniably obvious. And we can easily assume that she was instantly smitten.
According to friends that have taken the time to contact me regarding this catastrophe, Rosalee and "Mike" spent the next three short days at each others sides. Jeremy informed me that after witnessing the strangers acrobatic eccentricities, he too became intrigued.

He also told me that, eventually, one thing led to another and- with the aid of many drinks and very probably the evil hand of the devil himself- Jeremy ended up on the accepting end of a decidedly unscrupulous seduction.

To help piece together the next chapter in this morbid cessation of life, I was contacted by an anonymous source that claimed to have had witnessed what was described as an "ugly confrontation between some psychotic geek and probably the [sweetest] girl I've ever had the pleasure of waiting for the bus with."
Apparently, the conversation became quarrelsome when Rosalee confronted "Mikey" about the night he had spent with Jeremy. Ms. "anonymity" told me, "he started giggling and his eyes kept darting around. He was kinda twitching, too. It was really gross. He was totally denying everything, but the whole time he had this 'I'm guilty as hell' grin."

And then they caught the #83.
Unfortunately, the few people closest to the truth behind this calamitous end are still quite overcome by the shock of it all. So I've had to refrain from prying for all of the answers. So the following events in this horribly unnatural fatality are based on my speculation.

Jeremy was found the next morning, already swarming with flies due to the heat (and, as always, mussed to near perfection).

It is now clear that this mysterious stranger had issues. Issues with homosexuality.
And he was willing to go to any length to cover his gay ass. Going as far as to not only brutally murder the only other person that knew about the affair between the two boys,

but to molest her and leave the body exposed publicly to give the impression of a heterosexual mentality.

Finally, in what I depict as an attempt at salvaging some sort of pseudo-humanity, this anti-human, this destroyer of all things nice and pleasant, resorted to carrying out one last act in an unfathomable line of monstrosities.

Taking his own life.

May his soul writhe in purgatory for all eternity.

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rick's picks   
10:25am 05/09/2002
  i'm just trying to figure out what day it is here. i'm way too fucking confused.

what i'm into this week:

1. figuring out what fucking day it is!

and what i'm not:

1. paying for the train (we know that)
2. busting my rib again. fuck that shit hurts.
3. profanity. wait... thats on the wrong list.
4. making any sinse at all.
5. spell check.
6. alright!

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10:24am 04/09/2002
  oh wow. i'm really a retard. ha, fuck it! yay!  

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guess my password   
12:58pm 03/09/2002
  i cant keep of track of time. so i'm about to try to explain some shit to myself now and decide what the he;l it means later. dont pay attention.

something about a truck for two nights. we got kicked out this morning. the night before we slpt till eight at night becaus e i couldnt move. treat st. many beers too many pills. junkies giving us food. the sink fell off in the bathroom at the bar. families eating polluted fish from polluted water. daves on my porch. i gotta a black eye. i've taken twenty pills in the last three days. what day is it? haight st. cala foods. free peaches from the stand. never paying for the train. buses run free. free range buses. awwww....

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01:17pm 01/09/2002
mood: whats that horrible r.e.m.
i keep finding gifts on public transportation.
they watchedme jump the turnstiles again this morning.
on my walk home someone asked me to hold their baby.
a brief history of god is sitting on my notebook.
i dont want to

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03:26am 29/08/2002
  i always had a secret crush on doug.

i think it was the trucker hats.

ha, that makes me feel better! i'll start shit from 2000 miles away.

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03:19am 29/08/2002
  from santa rosa over the bay. across the grapevine to l.a.
but opposite. and by the time i got to barstow yesterday morning i was fucking sick with regret. i thought i might have made a huge mistake. california's got desert and its got trees, and the stench of the san joaquin...
but not my friends! selma has a bunch of dried fruit, its not the same. bakersfield is surrounded by slaughter houses, but i liked the library better. i had spiraling overpasses and now i've got road construction...

someone called me "kafka head" before i left texas. i'm not sure what it meant, but i really do feel like climbing under the bed and hiding.

i've got whiskey in grocery stores... a place to stay in oakland... public transportation after 9 p.m... hate crimes...

i'm sad. i'm going out to wander.

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01:01pm 24/08/2002
  whats in this week-

1. making lists
2. pills
3. hanging out with madeline and karin
4. abusing heroin
5. 2 million people at my house tonight
6. grapes
7. writing letters to caleb
8. chance, kyle, and ryan from "the distressed"
9. seeing forrest

what is out-

1. getting evicted
2. fist fights with james
3. smoking
4. animal by-products
5. tower records
6. washing my clothes
7. drinking
8. barry, meason, and pits from the "pink swords"

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